Webster County Lions Club Helps Build Cabins for Tornado Survivors |

Since the December tornado, Hopkins County has received help from many community organizations across the United States.

The Webster County Lions Club, in conjunction with Health First, is the latest organization to help tornado survivors by building sheds for them to store their belongings.

Webster County Lions Club member Elaine Vanlue said the club had been on the pitch since December 10 to help.

“We’re working with Mayor Shelia Suttles at St. Charles City Hall, helping her with the hub there,” she said.

Lately, Vanlue and her husband Shawn have noticed that community members who have lost their homes need a place to store donated items.

“Many people have lost everything and they have no way to store the things they receive,” Vanlue said. “We took it upon ourselves with Lion Bill McDonald of the Indiana Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus to help furnish the sheds.”

The Vanlues and Health First volunteers planned to build two sheds in Barnsley, one in St. Charles and one on Isley Road. The Vanlues, with the help of some Amish, have already built a shed for Joe at Barnsley.

Vanlue said they come to the survivor’s property to set up the shed, and once the owner has the shed where they want it, the Vanlues will complete the construction. She said a shed takes about one to two days to complete, but if they have to deal with inclement weather, construction goes faster.

She said the Lions Club serves the community and cares about the community, which is why they help where and when they can.

“We care, we serve. That’s what it’s all about,” Vanlue said. “Giving back to the community and being there for our people.

Vanlue is actually from Earlington, and she and her husband built some of the houses destroyed by the tornado.

“It’s a part of your gone heart,” she said.

She said the Lions Club would be here for a long time, even after everyone else left.

“We will always be here to serve our communities,” Vanlue said.

She said the St. Charles hub still needs support, so if anyone would like to donate household items like linens, silverware, plates, food and other needs servants, he can send them to St. Charles City Hall at 6209 Nortonville Road. Cash donations are also accepted. Checks can be made payable to St. Charles City Hall with a tornado disaster written in the memo.

Donations may also be made to Lions Club International and assigned to the Webster County Chapter. Donations can be sent to PO Box 279 Nebo, KY 42441.

Charles P. Patton