Watch HBO’s first trailer for Detroit Lions on “Hard Knocks”

ALLEN PARK — HBO’s “Hard Knocks” crew was hard to miss early in training camp, with cameras covering just about every square inch of the Detroit Lions’ practice facility.

And while the first episode is still a few weeks away (10 p.m. Aug. 9). HBO has released the first trailer for its in-depth look at the Lions ahead of the 2022 season. It features footage of the Lions working on the offseason schedule and camp, with a voiceover from head coach Dan Campbell .

Click here to watch the trailer.

“I haven’t had a ton of exposure, two days, but they’ve been good, they’ve been great,” Campbell said of his first impressions of “Hard Knocks” settling into Allen Park. “They are professionals, obviously they have a job to do, and we have a job to do.”

Campbell previously told MLive he welcomed the opportunity to present himself and his staff as more than football heads. Campbell, always unapologetic and honest, added that he liked the fact “we’re only known as beefheads”.

“Am I a big prick? I have a limited brain capacity? he says at annual league meetings. “I like (that people think) that. I’m good with that, you know what I mean?

Lions quarterback Jared Goff said his previous experience with the show while still with the Los Angeles Rams made it easier to adjust. He also thinks the nation will see how authentic Campbell is with the media and on the pitch, saying, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s real. He doesn’t do a show. That’s who he is, and I think that’s what we respect about him.

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