The Lions of La Cala de Mijas welcome their new president

LA CALA DE MIJAS The Lions welcome their new president Wynson Beswick who succeeds David Kay.

Wynson has been a Lions member for 10 years and has been fully involved in many aspects of Lions activities after spending several years in charge of the Lions Charity shop in La Cala which raises several thousand euros for needy local causes.

Prior to joining the Lions, Wynson had also been a Lions volunteer for several years.

Wynson moved to La Cala from the UK 11 years ago, to join one of his three daughters. A second daughter has since moved to Spain to join them.

There is a third daughter living in France who regularly visits La Cala and Wynson also has four grandchildren.

During her year as president, Wynson intends to promote Lions with a growing social media presence and is also producing a video of Lions activities, which will be shown at various events.

Wynson seeks to promote both friendship and harmony through Lions involvement in the local community and to raise awareness of the work done by Lions.

Some readers may not know that Lions is an international organization with over 1.2

million members worldwide.

Wynson said, “If at the end of the year I helped people get to Lions events, I would consider my year to have achieved one of my main goals.

To find out more about the La Cala Lions, please email [email protected].

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Charles P. Patton