The Kingsburgh Lions Club Hosts Musical Fundraiser

A fun spring fundraising event was recently hosted by the Lions Club of Kingsburgh, for approximately 70 guests.

They had two quizzes with a series of challenging questions, followed by snacks and some songs sung by Kathleen Venner. Afterwards, there was dancing and singing with DJ Sunshine, Tony Marron, who is also the president of the club.

Tony Marron (President of the Lions Club of Kingsburgh) hosts the quiz at the fundraising event.

There were also one-time prizes and prizes for quiz winning teams. The Lions served tea and coffee to guests, while snacks and cold drinks were on sale.

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Coordinator Sonia Jarrett said the Lions asked guests for feedback on the event, and those who completed the questionnaire rated it 92 percent. “It looks like most of our guests enjoyed it and would love a similar event in the future,” she said.

They managed to raise a good amount of money that day, however, their fundraising initiatives continue, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Kingsburgh Lions Club members Dave Rigby, Esme Nel and Dylean Botha enjoying the spring fundraising event.

“All proceeds from the day will go towards Christmas treats for children and the elderly. Last year we distributed around 700 packs of sweets and cold drinks to needy children in our area, but the needs are growing every year. We also like to provide seniors with snacks and entertainment during the holiday season,” Jarrett said.

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Their next fundraiser is the White Elephant Auction on October 1 at St Mary’s Church in Warner Beach from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. If someone is spring cleaning or moving, they welcome donations of clothing or household items, including linens.

For more information contact Reveen Bhola 060 542 5282, Moira Rigby 082 876 3239 or Sonia Jarrett 072 761 1610.


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Charles P. Patton