Pinterest makes Cannes Lions different with Idea Pin Studio and a futuristic beauty salon

Pinterest is building a different kind of place on the internet where people can be inspired for their life’s projects in a positive and inclusive environment, and this year visitors can expect the same from its Cannes Lions 2022 lineup.

Pinterest has made intentional plans in its programming at Cannes to focus on things that people can actually try and do as a real life version of how Pinterest takes you from inspiration to realization – from idea to ” I did”.

Attendees of the Pinterest Experience at Carlton Beach Club will discover a vibrant oasis that draws on its annual Pinterest Predicts to create a haven of futuristic beauty, while highlighting many of the things that make Pinterest different, including positivity, predictive trends, Idea Pins and Idea Announcements, Shopping and Gifting and Creators on the platform.

The Pinterest Predicts Parlor is a futuristic trending experience to be showcased at the Pinterest Activation in Cannes, inspired by Pinterest Predicts Trends. If the contestants have been thinking of a micro tattoo, a “jeweled” hairdo or some fantastic nails, this is their chance to do it, and do it in style. People come to Pinterest for ideas – and creators are the people who have them – Pinterest creators in attendance will include:

  • Naeemah LaFond, celebrity hairstylist and Global Artistic Director at Amika, will create standout looks. Naeemah is not only a champion of diverse hair representation, she also helped design the Pinterest hair pattern tool.
  • Celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins will work his magic and transform hair with colorful hair extensions, embellished braids and sleek styles. Entrants can try on a Pearlcore or Puff love look.
  • Wendy Asumadu, professional makeup artist and content creator, will help you stand out with graphic eyeliners and crystal eye embellishments that will take you from day to night with the Be jeweled trend.
  • Nail artist Lili Creuk will bring Nailscapes to life with ocean-inspired details at your fingertips – that’s a work of art.
  • One by One Tattoo, a sustainable, inclusive, female-owned tattoo studio, will inspire trends such as the Bestie aesthetic and offer attendees a free tattoo.

Pinterest will also have an Idea Pin Studio, showing exactly why Pinterest is a different kind of platform. Idea Pin studio will showcase Pinterest’s newest advertising format, Idea ads, launching this week in Cannes, allowing brands to connect directly with Pinners through their own Idea Pins or through a collaboration with a business or creator.

Andrea Mallard, Director of Marketing at Pinterest, said: “You’re going to see so much at the festival this year about how technology is enhancing the virtual world. We think the real world needs a little more attention right now, so we’re focusing more on how you can improve your real life, not your virtual life. We inspire people with small ideas you can discover and actions you can take that will help you create a life you love.

The interactive, creator-led space was designed to help guests go from idea to “I did it” in real time. Plus, attendees can partake in the Gifting Gallery, a curated gift shop inspired by Pinterest shoppers’ favorite purchases.

Charles P. Patton