Ntare Lions League Final Comes Home

Ntare Lions League Final


Main Event: Nshera FC vs. Ebicuncu FC

Where: Ntare School

Ntare Lions League Season 12 is heading to Mbarara this weekend where it all started for all the school alumni.

The Ntare League brings together 19 teams from different generations who have passed through the school and also includes a women’s team Bweras FC from Bweranyangi Girls School.

“As we approach this final, we are excited about two things; that we have finally come to the climax of a season that has faced many challenges in the era of COVID-19, and that we are hosted by Ntare School. This is the most exciting part of the Season 12 finale, as returning to Ntare always brings back great memories,”

Moses Guma Aine Amatsiko, President, Ntare Lions League.

This is the second time the season finale has gone home with season 10 which was won by Nshera being the first time the finale has been played on home soil.

The season 10 finale was played in Kakyeka but season 12 will be played at the school’s main stadium.

The main event of the final will be the match between Nshera FC (2005-10) and Ebicuncu FC (1988-93) who will contest the final.

Season 10 winners Nshera FC are on their second title while Ebicuncu FC have made three final appearances but never lifted the coveted shield.

Much like Impis for rugby, Nshera FC bring the atmosphere to the Ntare Lions League, and having them in the final should add more flair to the final.

Other events of the day include a game between Mbarara Corporate Ladies FC and Bweras FC and a game between Ntare School Team vs Ntare League Select Side.

The other teams in the league will also play for the final Season 12 standings.

The Season 12 post-season will take place at the Mbarara Heat where the curtain will fall on another impressive Ntare League season.

The Ntare Lions League is the alumni league of the pioneer schools in the country. Now 66, Ntare School is an all-boys school founded with the help of the Ankole Kingdom in Mbarara.

Charles P. Patton