Notes: New Lions apparel available online from SMPLFD

We mentioned it briefly a few days ago, but now that there are pictures and items on sale, it’s time to check out the new gear. SMPLFD, the local clothing company that launched an exclusive Ford Field line last December, is back with some hotter new designs. This time, however, the “Lions x SMPLFD Vol. 2” the drawings are available online at NFLShop from the start.

The “Roar” long-sleeved pullover sweatshirts from the Stadium Collection 2021 series are back, but there are several completely new items, including a pair of shorts. Pass rushing terror Charles Harris has the merchandise on his social media account:

For those more interested in a clean and clear look at the designs, the official SMPLFD Printing Company account posted a nice visual guide showing all the new stuff that went live on Friday:

Now, what’s interesting is that the official Detroit Lions team account released a teaser image earlier in the week which included elements not in the friday merchandise version. If you return to work from Tuesday, you can see two shirts with brightly printed scenes in the folded pile of things. The shirt at the very top of the pile is clearly something with Barry Sanders in it; we can recognize his autograph in the corner of the image printed on this article. It’s unclear what’s in that other light design in the middle of the stack, but it uses the retro 1990s uniform look before adding the black lines.

Does that mean more returning gear is on the way in Progressive builds? No one knows, but we can hope! Designs previously released by SMPLFD are available online at the official team store and at the Lions Supply Store inside Ford Field. Now on to the rest of your weekend notes:

  • Super-back Jason Cabinda continues to be brilliant:

  • Not sure what the origin story is here, but lolz nonetheless:
  • Mike Payton usually gives hat updates, but here’s one for Sunday:
  • For fans who remember the 1980s, it’s a Lions quarterback’s birthday:

Charles P. Patton