‘Miss Michigan’ Aria Hutchinson Features for Lions Home Opener – OutKick

The hot streak for the Hutchinson family continues. Sunday is the Detroit Lions’ first game of the season and rookie passer Aidan Hutchinson’s first NFL game.

If we learned anything from his time at Michigan, the draft and his first preseason in the NFL, it’s that the Hutchinsons ride deep. So it’s no surprise that Aidan’s sister, “Miss Michigan USA” Aria Hutchinson, is in attendance for the Lions home opener.

The beauty pageant winner made sure to cover the Lions home opener on social media. Because everyone knows that if it’s not on social media, it hasn’t really happened.

Aira Hutchinson/Instagram Story
Aira Hutchinson/Instagram Story

Who said you can’t do it all?

It was a busy weekend for Aria. Before making her regular season debut in Detroit, she was in New York for Fashion Week.

Aria wasn’t just there as a looker either, the Miss USA hopeful was there to work the runway for Sherri Hill.

After the “unforgettable experience,” she thanked the clothing line for the opportunity. She included a video of herself on the track along with her thank you message.

Not bad for a newcomer to New York Fashion Week. Although the contest scene has more than prepared her for now.

Win or lose on Sunday – or most other games this season for that matter – the Hutchinsons will do just fine. They have already gained a lot this year and 2022 will be another year the family will never forget.

The best part is that there are still a few months left in the year to add more Ws to the record. This weekend can count towards the win total with Aidan and Aria making their debuts.

Charles P. Patton