Mansfield Lions Club to Host Labor Day Festival Downtown | Local

MANSFIELD – The Mansfield Lions Club is planning a street festival with a free music concert, featuring the Gabe Stillman Blues Band on Labor Day and is seeking borough permission to allow sale and consumption there of alcoholic beverages.

David Steinbeck and Irene Morgan, representing the Lions Club, presented the request at the board meeting on Wednesday, June 8.

“We always do a free concert at some point each year and we were lucky enough to have the Gabe Stillman Blues Band this year,” Steinbeck said.

“We have lots of vendors (including food and other merchandise) and that will improve the Town-Gown relationship,” Steinbeck added, noting that college students could commute on the Mountie bus.

“It would be the first time for the ‘open container’ allowance,” he said.

Borough Director Chris McGann, attending the meeting via ZOOM as he recovers from COVID, said he was concerned about setting boundaries.

“Maybe with wristbands and signage,” McGann said.

Council Chairman Bob Strohecker said it would be the seller’s responsibility to make sure minors don’t drink.

Board looking for members

McGann also offered to draft a facility use agreement for the Lions Club, but Strohecker said that was not necessary.

Traffic control was another concern expressed by McGann, to which Steinbeck said they would need police to help keep traffic slow through the downtown intersection as the street would remain open. The band will be set up in the Tri-County Electric parking lot on an indoor stage, Steinbeck said.

Steinbeck said having it on North Main Street, without closing off the street, will draw attention to downtown businesses, many of which are new and different, including a home goods store and a clothing store.

McGann said he wasn’t too worried about car traffic, but “trucks could be difficult”.

Morgan noted that closing the street was “too complicated” and that PennDOT permits would be required as well as a detour, which is not possible this year due to Laurel Health renovations blocking the Arnot lot detour. The street has been closed in the past for the chamber’s Home for the Holidays event.

Downtown parking spaces will be blocked and visitor parking will be available in the First Citizen bank parking lot, which would also be the case during this event.

Steinbeck said the Lions Club had a “monster liability insurance policy.”

Strohecker said they would follow up on the request at the July meeting, but would need a copy of the insurance policy to do so.

Charles P. Patton