Kendal and District Lions Club seeking new unit

A LIBRARY that raises thousands of books for the community is looking for a new location.

The Kendal and District Lions Club Bookstore had to close its current unit at the Westmorland Shopping Center due to the opening of a third campus for Kendal College on the center’s top floor later this year.

The club appealed to the public for help in their search for affordable accommodation, ideally in the city centre, to ensure they can continue to provide the popular service and raise vital funds.

“We appreciated that the mall gave us the shop because we didn’t have to pay rent, we just had to pay the electricity bill, which was very generous,” said Kendal secretary Elizabeth Axten. and District. Lions Club.

“But the closure is massively reducing our fundraising and that’s having a big impact, so we were quite upset that we had to leave the bookstore and look for a new location.”

Funds raised have helped local organizations, charities and even helped people pay their energy bills.

The shop also offers affordable books and the team will be collecting books from donors.

CLOSED: The club had to close its Westmorland Mall unit

“The bookstore is a huge thing for the club,” Ms Axten said.

“It averages between £2,000 and £3,000 a month, which is amazing considering the books cost £1.

“It then goes back into the community, we are able to support local groups and individuals, we bought white goods for people when they were struggling to afford it and we helped pay utility bills. for people in the past.

“We take in people with dementia with their family or carer and they think it’s fabulous at a pound for a pound.

“And we very rarely have to advertise books, people are very generous.

“We always collect books too if they are unable to provide them to us.”

The charity has so far considered Longpool’s former betting shop, but is still searching for the ideal location.

“We are looking at the old betting shop on Longpool but are concerned it may not have the same footfall and are liaising with community spaces,” Ms Axten said.

“We would like a local at an affordable price, because we are a charity, and somewhere in the city center would be amazing.

“However, if we go ahead with Longpool it would be great if people could support us there and if anyone would like to volunteer or become a member.

“A big thank you to everyone who has supported us with donations or buying a book, as every pound spent goes back to the community.”

If you would like to help, contact

Charles P. Patton