Ken Kennedy, rugby player who was one of the 1974 Lions ‘Invincibles’ – obituary

When Kennedy was working at Mayfair private practice, he met Farida, a physiotherapist. They got married and went on to found a Harley Street practice, specializing in sports injuries and treating many top athletes, as well as dancers, publishers, politicians and royalty.

Kennedy was always tight-lipped about the identities of his patients, although his family knew they included Sachin Tendulkar, Boris Becker, Lord Parkinson and Daniel Craig. He was also Medical Director of the Royal Star and Garter Home for Injured Servicemen for many years, bringing many innovations and state-of-the-art equipment.

Known for his outspokenness, he once told a prominent sports columnist that if he didn’t stop drinking, he would die as soon as possible. The columnist went on the wagon – for a while at least.

As a player, Kennedy was tough, fierce and brave, and pioneering in his approach to the technical aspects of the front line of scrimmage. As a physician, he was a talented diagnostician and helped revolutionize sports medicine with new approaches to fitness and nutrition.

Ken Kennedy married Farida in 1980; she survives him with their two sons.

Ken Kennedy, born May 10, 1941, died July 14, 2022

Charles P. Patton