Fuel needed for early delivery for Lions Park Volunteers

OSBURN – It’s normally cause for celebration when a package in the mail arrives early. When that package is new playground gear and the old stuff isn’t gone yet, it requires some community involvement.

In April of this year, the City of Osburn and the Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation partnered to bring Osburn’s aging Lions Park back to life. Located at the corner of West Mullan Avenue and Washington Street, the park’s play structures and equipment have certainly seen better days. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Lions Park Project (LPP) Manager Jenna Grant-Arthun and Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Paige Olsen, this problem is being rectified, although a little earlier than expected.

“The park equipment arrived much earlier than expected,” Grant-Arthun said at Osburn City Council’s last meeting. “He wasn’t supposed to be here until the end of October, and he showed up last Tuesday.”

To make room for the shiny new playground, LPP is selling raffle tickets for the current play structure. Other items, like gift baskets with merchandise donated by local businesses, will also be raffled off for those not interested in old playground equipment.

Grant-Arthun says support for the project has been strong so far and it’s important to keep that momentum going.

LPP hosted a Small Community, Big Hearts event in May that drew over 150 locals to support the project and showcase the concept of PlayCreation’s new park. Included in the concept was the new Fitness Court, piloted by Olsen.

The fitness field and new Lions Park recently received $50,000 in grants from Shoshone County. These funds were part of the $2.5 million the county received through the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program, authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act. The fitness court will be integrated with impact-resistant sports flooring and will support functional fitness movements that will allow up to 28 people to use the court simultaneously.

Playground equipment will depend on community volunteers to build, with a few large companies providing support.

“Dave Smith is gathering a group of people who will help, along with Fire District No. 1,” Grant-Arthun said, “it will be incredibly helpful, but we still need a lot of help from the community.”

LPP has planned a multi-day community event for August 25-27. Starting Thursday, a builder from PlayCreation will be on hand showing off a few posts, as well as internet and platform functionality.

On Friday and Saturday, the builder will stay for support and instruction, but it will mostly be up to volunteers to assemble the final product. Grant-Arthun says it’s a common practice that many communities use to save money. There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities, from fundraising to assembling play equipment.

To register or purchase raffle tickets, contact Jenna Grant-Arthun at Osburn City Hall by calling 208-752-0001, or visit https://signup.com/go/tkeeeKO to sign up for a specific task and day.

“We want community volunteers to register in advance, not just show up on the day of please,” Grant-Arthun said. “It should be really fun, we’re going to have some shirts made and have a barbecue.”

Raffle tickets for old playground equipment are $1 each or 6 for $5 with all proceeds going directly to the Lions Park project.

Charles P. Patton