“For the time in your life, don’t miss the great Lions carnival” – Enquirer Democrat

A group of young people from Carlinville make their way to the plaza in the back of one of the Lions Club vehicles during the 2017 Lions Club Carnival. MCED file photo.

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The Carlinville Lions Club Carnival will return on Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10 for the first time in three years. A parade will be held Friday, September 9 at 6 p.m. from the Macoupin County Courthouse to kick off the carnival.

The Lions Club Carnival began in 1944 as a fall festival for the community.

An advertisement for the very first event read: “The usual festival atmosphere will be provided with games, lunch stalls, a cake walk, bingo, popcorn and other attractions providing plenty of entertainment throughout. throughout the evening. There will also be a large auction of valuable goods, including hard-to-obtain items such as shotgun shells and cigarettes. Responsible Lions promise “for the time of your life, don’t miss the great Lions Carnival.”

The first carnival was held at Carlinville High School and all proceeds were to be used to promote community projects.

While shotgun shells and cigarettes may not be as hard to come by as they were during World War II, the events foretold 78 years ago remain mostly the same as they are today. .

The Lions Carnival is always filled with a festival atmosphere and the games remain popular among children and adults as a way to show off to friends and win prizes. Bingo and the Cake Walk are two classic Lions Carnival events, occupying corners of the East Main outside of Edwards Jones and Route 66 Craft Beer.

Of course, the date has also changed, the Carnival of Lions is now held in September and over a period of two days. The location was also moved outdoors, keeping Place Carlinville busy with revelers.

Rides were added to the carnival in later years. The peanut wheel, bucking broncos, wagons, merry-go-round, fire engines and the iconic purple train are the expected rides at this year’s Carnival.

The Lions Queen Pageant was added shortly after Carnival began in the 1940s. Silver half dollars instead of tickets would win the crown for a favorite contestant in 1947.

This year, the candidates for Queen are Amelia Cosenza, Lillie Reels, Lanna Vanderpoel, Chloe Velasquez, Sara Wiese and Ella Wise. The Queen will be crowned on stage at 9 p.m. Saturday. The stage is located at the intersection of East Main and South East Street.

Fried fish and corndogs will be sold by Lions Club volunteers.

Funds from the event have been donated to several community projects and charities over the years. As in previous years, Carnival 2022 funds will be directed to the Lions Community Improvement Fund.

Charles P. Patton