Fleet Lions grants will help prevent blindness, aid disaster relief and fight blood disorders

FLEET LIONS LOGO: The Fleet Lions have agreed to contribute financially to a number of national and international projects

At the last club meeting, the voluntary organization, Fleet Lions, unanimously agreed to support a number of national and international campaigns.

The club agreed to send £500 to help with eye treatment camps in underdeveloped countries. This money will go a long way as it only takes £28 to restore sight to an adult.

The club will also send an additional £1,000 from recent fundraising activities to the Lions International Foundation to prepare to support Lions on the ground in many parts of the world where disasters strike.

Since early March, Fleet Lions have sent nearly £6,000 to the Ukraine Support Fund with the help of Calthorpe Park School, members of the public and club members.

Closer to home, the Lions are supporting refugees with laptops and other items at their community store in Fleet, Hampshire.

Finally, the club has also agreed to donate £500 to the Lions’ Blood Research Appeal (LIBRA) in conjunction with King’s College London to help fight cancers and blood disorders.

Mark Cooper, President of Fleet Lions, said: “Small charities have recently been short of funding due to the pandemic and other international incidents, so it’s important to support them.

“We are now starting to raise good money through our fundraising activities, so we support local causes. We can also support international Lions projects that offer such good value for money.”

Charles P. Patton