Eagles vs Lions: Predictions, Betting Odds & More for Week 1

No more waiting. More speculation. More anticipation.

After a high-profile offseason that made the Eagles one of the most talented and healthy teams on paper heading into 2022, there are only two days left until fans finally see what this improved roster is all about. really done.

Their first test will be the Detroit Lions, a team that has won just three wins in 2021 but is finally looking to start building something substantial under head coach Dan Campbell and passing thrower rookie Aidan Hutchinson.

The last time these teams met – Week 8 in Detroit on Halloween last season – the Eagles were 44-6 with 236 yards and four rushing touchdowns.

Will the Eagles have another course in store? Or is Detroit lining up for an upset?

Here’s how our writers see this match playing out…



Eagles (0-0) at Lions (0-0)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Ford Field (Detroit, MI)


Television: FOX (Adam Amin, Mark Schlereth and Kristina Pink)
RADIO: 94.1 WIP (Merrill Reese and Mike Quick)


NFL betting odds week 1

Book Spread silver line Total
DraftKings PSI-4 ISP-110
FanDuel PSI-3.5 PHI-114
Unibet PSI-4 PHI-109
BetMGM PSI-4 ISP-110


jimmy kempsky

@JimmyKempski | Email | stories
RECORD 2021: 12-5

PICKS: Eagles 28, Lions 27

The Eagles and Lions had different approaches to training camp. The Eagles opted for short workouts with minimal physical periods, with the idea in mind that being healthy for the start of the regular season is what is most important. (For the record, I agree with this approach.)

If you watched Hard Knocks this year, you saw that the Lions were tough, at least compared to more modern training camps.

The Eagles have achieved their goal – their starters are ready for Week 1. TBD if the Lions’ tough camp will mean they are more ready for the regular season than the Eagles.

I don’t think the advantage the Lions may have from a tough side will matter because, well, they just aren’t that talented. Look at every position group – quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, secondary. Where are the Lions better than the Eagles? Maybe a slight advantage at running back? Look at their depth chart. It’s lovely ?

The Eagles should crush this team. If they don’t and go home 0-1, the harsh criticism for a passive side will be strong.

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Evan Macy

@evan_macy | Email | stories
RECORD 2021: 13-4

PICKS: Eagles 34, Lions 20

I’ve seen buzz on the internet and on several podcasts talking about how the Lions are a team that could pull off an upset Week 1. They are at home. They are in theory better than last year on paper. But last year they had three wins. It’s not a team that scares me. They have very few targets to give the Eagles and the pass rush is loaded on Philadelphia’s front seven. The Lions’ defense also doesn’t look that big aside from future rookie phenom Aidan Hutchinson.

I think the Eagles will score at will and go 1-0.

Shamus Clancy

@shamusclancy | Email | stories
Picking the first season

PICKS: Eagles 31, Lions 16

The talk of Detroit being this underdog, brave team that will try so hard is thrown out the window as soon as the regular season actually kicks off. An obvious catch: Every team strives from Week 1 after dying to play against real competition for months and months.

It’s an easy fit at midnight green for AJ Brown, who carries his first Eagles touchdown to give the team a 7-0 start they’ll never give up. Jalen Hurts maintains those vibes throughout the afternoon, showing improved accuracy compared to himself in 2021, finding receivers in the middle and to his left more than he ever did last season . Making life easier for Hurts is an offensive line that looks like the best unit in the sport.

A revamped Eagles defense remains strong with a “bend but don’t break” mentality and keeps Detroit’s offense trailing a few field goals. Jordan Davis records his first career sack as Jared Goff’s play becomes increasingly erratic late in the fourth quarter as the game’s outcome becomes clear.

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Kyle Neubeck

@KyleNeubeck | Email | stories
RECORD 2021: 11-6

PICKS: Eagles 27, Lions 17

I’m probably less optimistic about the Eagles long-term than everyone else submitting picks here. They’ve had what looks like a really good offseason, but when we get to the point in the offseason where the GM is praised for trade returns on major busts in the draft like he didn’t create those problems for him -well, that’s when it becomes clear that we need real football to be played. I remain skeptical of the main caller, who will have to prove he can win games against quarterbacks with momentum after mostly beating has-beens and never-beens most of last year.

But hey, enough that I’m the mood killer before the season even starts! The Eagles come into the season relatively healthy, have talent spread across the roster and a good mix of youth and experience. With a well-established coaching staff that proved capable of adapting on the fly last season, they are ready to kick off and maximize their potential this year. An easy choice against the Lions to open the season, and we’ll see where it takes us from there.

Nick Tricome

@itssnick | Email | stories
Picking the first season

PICKS: Eagles 31, Lions 10

Honestly, I see this one playing out almost exactly the same as last year’s season opener in Atlanta. Jalen Hurts will hit AJ Brown — or maybe DeVonta Smith again — for the Eagles’ first score of the year, Philadelphia City will lose its mind, and it’ll just be a blowout from there.

With the exception of the game being on the road, it’s probably as ideal an opening as you could want for this list. Will Detroit be better than last year? Most likely. But that doesn’t mean much. They still have a lot of construction to do. The Eagles offense and defense shouldn’t have much trouble flexing their muscles here.

I also think that Brandon Graham and Darius Slay will be there for the big days. Graham, in his first game after last season’s Achilles tear, will return to the field in his hometown, and Slay will face his former team with a C to his chest for the first time. They will both be there to prove something.

You might be able to spot the Lions a touchdown, but if not, the Eagles run away with this one.

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Eytan Shander

@shandershow | stories
RECORD 2021: 9-8

PICKS: Eagles 31, Lions 17

It’s a great test for the Eagles to open the season not only on the road, but also against Dreck. Detroit hasn’t improved overall and still has the same issues at QB. Dan Campbell is the poor man’s Nick Sirianni with those ridiculous platitudes and showing up for the camera on “Hard Knocks.”

Was there even a T-shirt with Jared Goff’s face on it? Detroit is soft and will be ill-prepared despite having revenge in mind all summer. They gave up 30 points in more than half of their games last year and the Eagles are looking to wear down their new additions.

The Birds can do it one of two ways – either run the ball down their throats like they did last year against the Lions, or force the passing game early to stretch the field. The latter may take a little longer to establish a healthy lead, but the Eagles win either way. 31-17 Eagles

John McMullen

@JFMcMullen | stories
RECORD 2021: 14-3

PICKS: Eagles 24, Lions 20

Maybe we can bring in Jason Kelce to accentuate that with some swearing.

Forget the 44-6. This is not the case this year. The Eagles remain the most talented team in this game, but a Week 1 home opener will help Detroit, which Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman is aware of and has already noted. Then you have Dan Campbell’s old-school Lions prep approach against the new-school Eagles vibe and while the latter may be the best way to survive the rigors of a 17 games, the first is the short-term advantage. .

In the end, though, it might prove tougher than expected for the Eagles, but Nick Sirianni should have enough to simply outscore the Lions, 24-20.

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