Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 4 Recap: What Just Happened?

It’s so sad the Detroit Lions only have one more week left.”hard knocks.” This show should always be like “The Simpsons”. Episode four was another very entertaining episode, with heartwarming moments and sad moments when you realize you know the fate of the 53-man list before the people you watch.

As always, I have thoughts on this episode. These are these thoughts:

The talks about the cuts

It was amazing to be in the room with Coach Dan Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes as they discussed their upcoming cuts. It’s a room Lions fans have never been to before. Then go into the room with all the coaches and learn how the coaches rank the players and how the team aggregates that information. Campbell had three “what the fuck?”
and four “bullshit” in the first round. I just want to be in this room all day and hear these guys talk about this process. Luckily, the “Hard Knocks” crew kept bringing us back to that room.

“Who needs fucking coaches? Sorry for swearing”

First of all, it’s great that the hotel staff were happy with the quality of the Lions players. Then the looks on everyone’s faces as Campbell said the players were leading practice. What a moment.

Players set everything up and then figured out who was calling the games. After that, the players just directed it and practiced each other. We even got to see a nice pass from Jared Goff, and then we finally heard from Goff.

Jared Goff

To finish! We finally got to see Jared Goff in the spotlight on this show and it didn’t disappoint. We could see that the technical staff really trusted Goff. Then we got to see Goff’s clothing line reunion and even meet Goff’s fiancée, Christen Harper. I could have used a few more minutes of Goff’s time, but hearing him talk about how coaches hang out in the air conditioning while outside in the heat was well worth it.

This guy is related to Craig

Craig Reynolds looks just like his dad. Who’s ready for Kutztown highlights? We got it and we got more retrospective on Reynolds’ career. What a trip Reynolds took to get to Detroit. Nowadays, we know that Reynolds made the 53-man Lions roster. In Tuesday’s episode, we got to see the part of the discussion that may have led to Craig Reynolds getting that spot. Maybe Campbell was afraid someone from the offensive line would show up on his doorstep. By the way, no more Icy Hot for Reynolds.


I really hope Kalil Pimpleton won’t be remembered as the guy who juggled on “Hard Knocks”.

The longest day

The Lions have really taken to this practice. It was an all-out war between attack and defense, and the coaches became competitive. The players too. Aidan Hutchinson was doing his thing and sweating buckets. He also got some bags.

Seeing the final rehearsals of this practice took me back to my football days when it was the end of a two day, and you’re left with nothing. That Hank Fraley speech at the end where he told some of his offensive linemen that some of them won’t make a living. That’s the kind of talk you never want to hear in this game.

Meet the Rodrigos

I love moments like these. You get a reminder that these football players are people just like you. They have parents and siblings, and their life with them doesn’t change much. Little brother is always breaking your chops, and mom and dad are always supporting you. I hope we get more stuff like that in the final episode.

Brough vs. Boyle

We know Tim Boyle played a bad game early. We got to see some of the on-field information about Blough’s face-off earlier than expected. Clearly, Campbell wasn’t happy with Boyle’s performance, including a poor interception. I’m not sure Campbell was much happier about Blough either.

The big difference is that Blough clearly showed the courage. You could really see how much he wanted it after hearing it on the mic on those big shots he took in the fourth quarter. Blough kept taking hits and getting back up, eventually leading the Lions to a late touchdown. That must be a big reason he’s still around.

Chase Lucas Game Ball

Chase Lucas was given the match ball by the official as if he had just been knighted. You like to see it.

The decisions

The episode ends with an emotional scene in the locker room after the game. You never want to see the end of someone’s dream. It was a very dark dressing room because everyone knows what the next few days have in store for us. It’s like walking the green mile. Then the show returns to the Coaches Decision Room again, where the coaches make their decisions. It’s almost hard to watch.

Charles P. Patton