Cannes Lions 2022: Sabse aage honge Hindustaani | Advertising

The title of this article doesn’t talk about the fantastic run India had at Cannes this year. (Ok ok, that’s kinda like that too. But 5 Grand Prix, 2 Titanium, 8 Gold, 17 Silver, 15 Bronze and 121 shortlists!!! I mean come on!)

It’s actually something that almost everyone who’s attended awards nights enjoyed on day one. I saw a model on the second day. I got it on the third day. Enjoyed on day four and celebrated on day five – the playlist they had prepared when the winners went to collect the trophies.

These weren’t just high-energy, upbeat, celebratory tracks, but almost personalized playlists for winners or winning countries. So whenever India came up they played Sabse aage honge Hindustaani or Dave Pike’s Mathar. When China came up they played Coldplay and Rihanna princess of china. When an independent New York agency called We Believers won something, Imagine Dragon’s Believer rumbled over the speakers as they took the stage. And when the heartbreaking movie Save Ralph won the Grand Prix for Good, they played Help! by the Beatles!

It touched me so much that I contacted at least ten of the organizers of Cannes to request the full playlist, and they all promised to share it with us soon. And Raahil promised when they do, he will update this article.

In the meantime, for those who loved the music as much as I did, I’ve shazamed some tracks and listed them at the end.

Some might think that Sabse aage honge Hindustaani is an obvious or cliché choice for India, but when you saw Swati (Bhatacharya) on stage with the whole crew singing and dancing, your heart soared!

And maybe they gave us a hint of what to expect throughout the week!

PS I wonder if Cannes also had to pay through the nose to get the rights to play these songs like we have to when we want to use iconic songs for our work? I mean, beyond a certain point, don’t these timeless tunes belong to everyone?

The reading list:

  • Believer, by Imagine Dragons – We Believers, USA

  • Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones – Serviceplan, USA

  • Help, by The Beatles – Save Ralph, Grand Prix for Good

  • Wake me up, by Foals – Burger King, creative brand of the year

  • Love Me Better, by Monophonics & Kelly Finnigan – Creative Business of the Year

  • It’s Like This, by RUN-DMC Vs. Jason Nevins – The Lost Class, Titanium

  • My Sharona, by The Knack – Long Love the Prince, Titanium Grand Prix

  • Fire In My Mind, by Youth Of The Apocalypse – Love Hurts, Samsung, Film Gold

  • Groove is in the heart, by Deee-Lite – Apple’s Detectives, Film Gold

  • LGDG Remix, by Ingannno – Heineken’s The night is young, Film Gold

  • Soul Power, by James Brown – When Harry Met Santa Claus, Film d’or

(The author is Creative Director, BBDO India.)

Charles P. Patton