Buckhorn: New Lions Club Celebrates Year of Community Service

It has been a year since the Buckhorn District Lions Club began. What year ! Kids Fishing Derby, Corvette & Classic Car Show, Poker Run, Santa Claus Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Picnic at Ode’Naang Park, monthly meetings and over 50 members and the Gala. Wow!

At the gala, all of this was celebrated in an atmosphere of accomplishment and collegiality. Or as former Governor Don Radnor put it, “The greatest challenge facing Lions Jim (Wilson) and Paul (English) will be to lead this fabulous group without dampening their enthusiasm.”

Wilson and English are mentors to the Buckhorn club being members of the sponsoring club, the Chemong District Lions Club.

There were a lot of presentations. Radnor presented President Janet Clarkson on behalf of International President Dr. Jung Yul Choi with the certificate of appreciation along with her friendship banner to hang in the meeting room. There was the 2021 Peace Poster presented at their inaugural charter celebration on March 17, 2021. Clarkson was presented with a bell and gavel, a tradition to begin meetings.

Then there was the presentation of the banner received by Lion Sarah and Lion Wendy, treasurer and secretary. There was a presentation to Lions Jim and Paul, members of the Chemong Club but flagships of the Buckhorn Club, including a CGL lapel pin and Presidential certificate.

And then there was a lovely meal prepared by Chef Henry — salmon, roast beef, chicken? How about rhubarb bread pudding with maple syrup for dessert. Yum!

And there were more dignitaries. Com. Terry Lambshead, MLA Dave Smith and MLA Michelle Ferreri all brought greetings from their position and gifts – a picture of the Queen and a provincial flag (which will be presented later after the official signing off of newly elected MLAs.

It was a great evening which ended with everyone anticipating the motorcycle event on June 25th at the BCC and Music at the Locks starting July 5th at 6.30pm. Bring a chair or blanket. Later.

good room buy

It’s a sale in which the Good Buy Room hopes to say goodbye to much of its inventory. The Good Buy Room located on the lower level of the Buckhorn Library on Lakehurst Road will host an outdoor book sale and an indoor in-store merchandise sale.

It all happens on July 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The rainy date is Saturday, July 9. Come and make a good purchase.

Wood-nightjar survey

A nightjar has a very distinctive call. They may insist on using it, but they too lose their habitat. The Common Nightjar prefers roadsides by building small “caves” in ditches where it can feed.

Recently, Kawartha Land Trust held a workshop to investigate Common Nighthawks in the John Earle Chase Memorial Park area. The survey may take place near dusk, i.e. around 8:30 p.m. If it is raining or very windy, the survey should not be carried out. KLT is looking for the presence or absence of this bird in this site.

Sites are chosen if there is a field surrounded by forests. The same site can be visited several times. If you are interested, KLT will organize other such events.

Deposit of household waste or hazardous waste

Batteries, paints and stains, fluorescent tubes, vinegar, cooking oil, makeup and perfume all have something in common. These are hazardous household waste. Smoke detectors, dried paint trays and brushes, broken CFL tubes, LED lighting, empty lighters are all trash. How to keep everything straight? Ask the landfill for a household hazardous waste guide.

Charles P. Patton