As Josh Adams broke down on Lions tour as Liam Williams also reveals he cried after crucial third test error

The three-part Lions documentary revealed the emotional tension that was missing from the birth of his daughter on Welsh wing Josh Adams.

In the third and final episode of Two Sides, Adams can be seen breaking down in tears as he talks about his partner Georgia and his newly born daughter Lottie in the week leading up to the crucial third test. The first installment of the documentary series, which aired on ITV for three nights, chronicled Adams pulling out of the South Africa A clash to witness the birth via video call.

The emotional moment comes just after the conclusion of the second Test, which South Africa won 27-9 to level the series. The Cardiff winger is filmed in his bedroom receiving a present from home – a framed photo of Georgia and Lottie.

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Speaking in an interview filmed afterwards, he explains that there were still regrets about the tour – even after being convinced by friends and family that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of Warren Gatland’s side.

“I certainly miss home and maybe a little regret not staying home,” he says. “There were days when it creeped in.”

The action then shifts back to Adams’ hotel room, where the winger watches his gift. “You tend to think if she’s okay and if Georgia is okay,” he explains.

“She went through a pregnancy and it’s traumatic, a pregnancy. They’re fine and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it.”

At this point, he begins to break down, wiping the tears from his eyes. Thankfully, the documentary then charts a happier moment for Adams.

Having been overlooked in the first two tests, he was eventually chosen for the third decisive test. “With the birth of my daughter and everything, I think it was a really nice way for me to end and make sure I made her proud,” he says.

“Even though she had absolutely no idea, I did. So that was the most important thing for her in that last game.”

Later in the episode, Welsh full-back Liam Williams admitted he cried on his way home after failing to give Adams a potential assist in the third Test. The missed chance came at a time of intense pressure from the Lions, with the Springboks rallying in the second half after the tourists failed to turn the pressure into points.

Many pointed to Williams’ failure to pass Adams as a turning point. In the documentary, Williams reveals how hard he took things.

“I haven’t told anyone about it,” he said. “I cried when I got home. That’s how it is. It’s pretty hard.”

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