101 Detroit Lions Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

We’re just over two weeks away from the start of the 2022 NFL football season, which means Detroit Lions fans make their final preparations for their Fantasy Football Draft(s).

That being said, I recently surfed the web for a fun Lions-themed fantasy football team name to use in the upcoming season and came across a few websites that list several options.

In fact, as you can see below, there are 101 options to choose from.

Yes, some of them are quite weak, but there are a few that are on my shortlist to use in my next fantasy football season.

101 Detroit Lions Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

Of CheatSheetWarroom.com:

Fordained by Goff

divine offering

Goff and race

D-Swift reputation visit

By André 1000

Coal tank


Holy Bad Behavior

hock shop

Jamal In

Jameson Rocks

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julian

Back to Sanders

Barry Good

Megatron’s Cannons

Andrei Warrington

A Thousand Reasons

Exhaust set

Leos are perfect

On/off switch

Go Goff

Go to La Goffensive

Pretty gofften


Gofften Imitated, Never Duplicated

Shank of seagulls

Hock and roll

Hocked and loaded

The Hardhock Hotel

Cream against itching of the hock

My pet hock

Hockin’ the Hock

Raiders of the Lost Chark


character tank


chark welder

Barry my ACL hurt heart

Zander and son


league of sims

Stay in your Layne

calvin ball

The Gofpere

Town of Goffam

Doublet Goff

Shake it Goff

Hockenson Big Loogies

What can St. Brown do for you?

Brown sugar Saint-Brown

Charkizard, I choose you

Going through SideLionReport:

-Baby Chark
-Campbell’s Patella Soup
-Campbell soup
-Campbell’s blue kool-aid soup
-Dan Campbell’s Blue Kool-Aid Soup
-Drinkin’ The Blue Kool-Aid (h/t to our podcast partner)
-Drink that blue kool-aid
-Guzzle That Blue Kool-Aid
– Lined with blue Kool-Aid
-Dan Cannibal
-D’André 2000
-Stafford’s infection
-Turn your head and goff
-Okudah Matatta
-Leave it long
-Penei For your thoughts
-Penis of the sky
-Thor Ragnowrock
-Hock and fear
-The Detroit knee pads
-Billy Jean is not my kicker
-Team kneecap bites
-Motor City Kittens
-Decker Les Halls
-Honolulu Blue
– No more Honolulu blues
-St. Brown’s Sun Gods
-Chark Week
-Chark Attack
-Dan Campbell’s Soup
-Hock A Loogie
-Aidan and accomplice
-MCDC (short for Motor City Dan Campbell)
-guff a lung
-A chronic Goff
– Chark Bite
-If there is a J-Will, there is a way
-Motown Manglecats
-Even old lions
-(Not the) same old lions
-Hala to your Vaitai
-Oruwariye Island
-Show me Amani
-TJ at maximum
-Walking It Goff



Lion down at work


Nation, which of these Detroit Lions-themed fantasy football team names is your favorite?

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Charles P. Patton