Why are Three Lions ‘offensive’ and why is the FA banning the anthem?

English football’s Three Lions anthem could be dropped by the FA ahead of the Qatar World Cup over fears it could be offensive to other nations – but why could it be seen as insulting?

Will it go home without Three Lions?

English football’s iconic anthem could be replaced at the Qatar 2022 World Cup amid fears it will be seen as ‘arrogant’ by other countries, The Sun reports.

The song by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds has been a fan favorite since its release at Euro 96, a tournament hosted by England. He swept the country again at Euro 2020 after the team reached the final against Italy, moving the track back into the UK top ten.

Fans and footballers are against the track being dropped, so why could it be replaced and how could it be considered offensive?

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Why are the Three Lions “offensive”?

FA bosses believe the song could portray the country as arrogant because of the chant “It’s coming home”, which suggests England “owns” the sport.

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English comedians and Three Lions masterminds Baddiel and Skinner have previously spoken about the track and believe the lyrics are the opposite of bragging about the team’s talent.

Speaking about discussing lyrics with Skinner, Baddiel said four four two“Instead of singing about how we were going to win, (I said), we should sing about how we probably won’t. A song about the trust all fans have in their team, despite all the injuries. It’s not at all triumphant.

Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie, who wrote the music, recalled the time he played the song for the England team:

“The first part of the song is basically about how we still suck and we probably won’t win – and we play it to the team! Awkward.”

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What could replace the classic?

Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline is the favorite to replace Three Lions and, despite being one of England’s most popular singles, England legend Paul Gascoigne is against the decision.

“(Three Lions) is in our DNA. It helped us in 1996 and it will help the boys in Qatar,” he said. The sun. The 54-year-old was part of the England squad when they reached the Euro 96 semi-finals.

Ironically, the German team that won Euro 96 sang Three Lions at a celebration held in their honor.

“The FA have totally lost track,” Gascoigne continued. “You can’t take this song away from us. Sweet Caroline doesn’t come close. It would be like saying that we can no longer wave the flags of St George.

“This wacky nonsense has no place in football. It’s just a great song.

Many England fans also believe that It’s Coming Home is a must to unite the country in a national competition for “a bit of fun”.

Even if he’s substituted, we suspect England fans will sing him from the stands anyway.

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