What future rivalry could be in store for the Detroit Lions?

There were plenty of stories after last weekend’s historic Divisional Round, including the jaw-dropping finish of the Chiefs’ victory over the Bills. One idea that has been thrown around since is that “there will be a lot more Patrick Mahomes-Josh Allen battles in the future.”

Both quarters seem destined for great things, although I think that statement is a little premature. However, it also got me thinking about what this concept would look like from a Lions perspective. As long as Jared Goff is at the helm, it probably wouldn’t be a quarterback battle, but there might be another team that could be a fun counterpart over the next decade.

Today’s question of the day is:

What future rivalry could be in store for the Lions?

My answer: Put the NFC North aside for a while, as these traditions are already well established. Assuming the Lions can get back into the playoff race (which is a big assumption of course), then their paths will surely cross with other perennial challengers as well, both in the fight for wildcard spots, but also in the playoffs themselves.

A few teams immediately come to mind. While Detroit Lions fans have bitter feelings toward the Cowboys and Seahawks, those fanbases already have plenty of other rivals and hate across the league. The Rams feel fun while Matthew Stafford is around, but most Lions fans still support their former quarterback.

My hope would be that the clashes of the cardinals gain in intensity. The teams have met in the last five consecutive years (with the Lions going 4-0-1) and also in nine of the last 10 seasons, so these two teams know each other well. Few recent playoff appearances for either team, but maybe they can make the climb together.

Your turn.

Charles P. Patton