The Enniscorthy Lions Club will host an All-Star Concert for the Ukrainian Relief Fund at St Mary’s Church

The ENNISCORTHY Lions Club will hold an All-Star Concert at St Mary’s Church, Enniscorthy on Saturday May 28th.

The concert is being held to benefit the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Fund and was given the green light at the April Lions Club meeting. An organizing sub-committee has been set up to oversee the event.

A Lions Club spokesman said some of Wexford’s most talented performers were invited to perform at the concert and a number of household names had already agreed to take part.

While the full list of participating artists will be announced shortly, it promises to be a fantastic evening and will be the first major fundraising event for the Humanitarian Relief Fund to take place in Enniscorthy.

While the organizers are confident that the event will be well supported, they nevertheless encourage people to come out and show their solidarity with the Ukrainian people while having a great evening.

The concert will feature a wide variety of musical talent ranging from instrumentalists to classical singers with performers from across the county.

Lorna Mahon-Wall has been appointed musical director for the event and as a soloist at St Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy, she needs no introduction to the general public.

St Mary’s Church is provided courtesy of Reverend Canon Nicola Halford, who is a member of the Lions Club.

With a capacity of nearly 600 seats in the church, the concert is expected to raise a substantial sum for the humanitarian aid project.

Meanwhile, the Enniscorthy Lions Club and Enniscorthy & District Chamber of Commerce continue their joint efforts to send much-needed supplies to the war-torn area.

To date, two behemoth trucks have made the dangerous journey carrying medical supplies, hygiene products, food and clothing for refugees fleeing the conflict.

However, help is needed on an ongoing basis and at a recent Lions Club meeting, President Dr Mairead Kelly issued an urgent appeal to the people of the Town and District of Enniscorthy to continue to contribute as the needs far exceed what was sent to Date.

Items required include shelf stable food items, diapers, hygiene products, medical supplies and quality clothing including blankets and shoes.

The center for receiving goods is Christ Alive Church, Abbey Centre, which is open every afternoon to receive goods.

Enniscorthy Lions Club has also welcomed six new members and the increase in membership will enable the club to undertake additional activities for the betterment of the local community and the upcoming concert at St Mary’s Church is the first of a series of events planned for the coming year.

Charles P. Patton