The Detroit Lions offense is going to be pretty good

Some very bold words have been spoken here by our new host, David Pyke.

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Top 10 Offenses

David Pike: Personally, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid a bit here, but I think this top-down offense could be a top-10 offense. I want to say it now. I think it could be a top 10 offense. We have one of the best offensive line units in the game right now. No, we will dispute it.

We have a stacked, strong and young wide receiver. We probably once again have a top 5, a close top 10. And we have two of the best running backs in the backfield running behind, said the top 5 offensive line. This offense literally had the chance to go from being the bottom offense in the middle of the pack last year to one of the best offenses this year. ‘Cause the thing that’s gonna be the driving force behind it besides Goff it is Ben Johnson.

And I truly believe that Ben Johnson is going to throw in all the creative work to make this offense run beautifully and smoothly.

Nick Bradley: I don’t know too much about him, but I remember last year it wasn’t a wonder boy type thing, but I remember reading stuff about him, where players and people in the league were saying, this Ben Johnson guy is the real deal. I don’t know about him now, is he like a child prodigy? What’s his deal?

David Pike: In fact, like you, I had to do some research because I had never heard of Ben Johnson until last year. I had no idea who he was. But what I found out is that Ben Johnson and Dan Campbellhave a long history of collaboration.

Ben Johnson, from what I’ve read from multiple sources, is considered a very smart, very creative and attacking schemer. I hate to say this, but if you look at our offense in the first nine to ten weeks of the year, last year our offense was anything but creative or innovative.

Ben Johnson isn’t afraid to try new things

It was bland, boring and repetitive. Anthony Lynn ran this same stupid, bound screen week after week. You could almost put it on auto-repeat. It was as if it was still there. We’ll see that next week. So what I like about Ben Johnson is the fact that he’s not afraid to try and do new things with this offense.

So we asked Jameson, where was it, jameson williams? I don’t remember who it was but someone was asked about Ben Johnson and what they said specifically was that Ben Johnson uses offensive patterns in play from multiple points of view different as staples, but then it branches out from there.

He is therefore not just a sort of cookie-cutter offensive coordinator. He borrows from everywhere, which means he has multiple ways to attack defenses.

Nick Bradley: I love it, I’ll tell you too. I like how, the way Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell do. We’ll see if Goff is the long-term answer, but I love how the infrastructure is in place, don’t you? Like they just got their big pass rusher, the offensive line, their weapons.

So if and when they move on, whether it’s in this year’s draft, they trade for someone, regardless. If and when they leave Goff, whoever is next, if it’s a 21-year-old out of school, he’ll enter the Taj Mahal.

One place you can’t ask for more is a kid in the candy store, throwing soccer balls. So I like that they do it that way. Don’t just throw it at the sharks, build.

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