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Photo Submitted Spectators enjoy a summer show at Rugby’s Music in the Park.

The Rugby Lions have been busy preparing a supper with chicken and all the trimmings at the Rugby Eagles Club on April 9 at 5.30pm.

The dinner celebrated 25 years of Music in the Park, a popular local Lions-sponsored program.

Music in the Park was born from an idea of ​​the late Pierce County Tribune editor, Mark Carlson. Lion member Kathy Kirchofner spearheaded the program, enlisting the help of area businesses, other Lions and musicians everywhere.

The Rugby Park Board has also taken on the project, working with the Lions to host the concerts, held for decades at Rugby’s Ellery Park.

Kirchofner and club member Lila Harstad promote the program each year.

Harstad praised the Rugby City Park Board, whose work she said made the gigs possible and helped Music in the Park grow over the years.

Park board chair Tonia Dosch said the city board funded and oversaw the construction of a new performance pavilion in 2019. The board also placed benches near the pavilion for people to sit and enjoy music and other entertainment.

“As Ellery Park is a park council owned property, we have the funding to make these improvements and hire them to complete them,” she says.

Dosch said she liked Music in the Park, “but I don’t usually go there. I prefer golf. I make golf a priority when the weather is nice.

However, Dosch said she loves hearing positive feedback about the program.

“It’s been very well received in the community,” she says of Music in the Park. “I heard that the communities of Bottineau and Dunseith and the Towner area have brought buses and vehicles (so people can attend in groups). It’s a gathering place for people and something they look forward to in the summer.

“The Park Board has supported Lions for 25 years,” she added. “The Park Board has been a major contributor to securing even the funding needed to bring the musical acts to town.

“Music in the Park is led by the Lions”, Dosch added. “We’re just a major contributor to the funding to keep it going through the summer.

“Lions Do It”, she says of the work behind Music in the Park. “We give money to do it. We have made improvements to the area of ​​this pavilion and benches to make it a better experience. That’s our hope with it.

Some benches bear plaques with the names of individuals and companies who have paid for the upkeep of the benches through a sponsorship program offered by the Lions and the park board.

“A good part of the cost of the benches was covered by these sponsorships or these donations”, Dosch noted. “There was a collaboration for these benches.”

“Congratulations to Lions for making this possible every year. This is something many in our community look forward to,” she added. “It’s fun to show off our park and it’s good for them to have a good event for the summer.”

Charles P. Patton