Rockyford Lions and 4-H Celebrate 75 Years –

The Rockyford Lions and 4-H clubs came together to celebrate their 75th anniversary on March 19. The event included many presentations highlighting all the work the 4-H club has done over these 75 years. Lions member and Rockyford Mayor Darcy Burke spoke about the core that the 4-H club has and will continue to represent for years to come.

“It’s part of our obligation to society to involve our young people, and 4H certainly starts that, we saw that in a slide show handing out novelties and pop at our rodeo, we get the child volunteers and it continues for the most of them throughout their lives.”

It’s not just about building each individual member, Burke explained: “It’s community building, we’re building community and I think that was the real point of the night, seeing where we start with our youth and how we finish. Maybe as Lions members or giving back to our community.”

“I hope the 4H Club and the Lions Club continue to be as successful over the next 75 years as they have been over the past 75,” Burke said.

Burke describes the night as an evening of shared stories, photos and videos from the past, as some of the current Lions were members of the area 4-H club more than 50 years ago.

The history of the Rockyford community has been proudly celebrated and Burke looks forward to seeing what the future holds for those beginning life in the area with young families today, and what awaits the young people of Rockyford .

Charles P. Patton