The San Francisco 49ers never received a trade offer that made them reconsider their position that Deebo Samuel must remain on the list. He’s not just a wide receiver for the team. Last season, Samuel showed he could do it all, contributing 1,770 all-around yards and 14 total touchdowns receiving and rushing in his third-year campaign.

The 2022 NFL Draft is behind us and Samuel remains on the roster after recently asking to be traded. The 49ers hope to mend the relationship between the team and the player. However, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Samuel remains determined to leave the 49ers.

“It seems like he’s still rooted, still wanting to be traded despite the draft,” Fowler said over the weekend. “But he knows it could be a long wait now that the 49ers haven’t reached a deal.”

On Friday, The Athletic’s Matt Barrows revealed what the New York Jets were offering Samuel – the No. 10 overall pick and a fifth-rounder in exchange for the player and the 49ers’ second-rounder. To say the offer is insulting, given Samuel’s worth, might be taken as an understatement.

Another NFL team made an offer for Samuel, the Detroit Lions. We already knew that. However, Ian Rapoport gave an overview of what was included in the offer.

“The Lions’ offer was, I think, one and a three, and the 49ers didn’t see that as a good enough offer. [either]”, Rapoport told Rich Eisen on Monday. “And they still wanted to keep the player, so they just didn’t trade him.

With no offer attractive enough for the 49ers to consider parting ways with Samuel, the team followed the draft and figured it would work to smooth things over with the receiver afterward. No one is 100% sure what caused the rift between the 49ers and Samuel. Neither party discloses it. There has been a lot of speculation, however. Some think it’s the contractual situation. Others felt that Samuel had issues with his role as a dual threat weapon. There was even a report that he didn’t want to be in California. Obviously, the latter would be out of the 49ers’ control. Of course, a large sum of money is a good way to overcome such obstacles.

Samuel suggested that some of the speculation misses the mark. However, he would not give insight into the reasoning behind his trade request.

“I would say there were other issues under the surface that Deebo kind of feels,” Rapoport said. “We’ve seen that get fixed in the past… We’ve seen players who asked to be traded and then came back, so it’s not impossible.

“And [general manager John] Lynch and [head coach Kyle] Shanahan is very charismatic, so maybe they can do it. But they have to bring Deebo back into the fold. They agreed to sign a contract. It usually helps people feel better.”