Pork steak dinner, draft raffle for this week’s Seguin Noon Lions Club Spring Fling

(Seguin) – The feast that most of you look forward to every year returns this Thursday at the Seguin Noon Lions Club’s annual spring event. The event is scheduled from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursday at the Silver Center.

Club member Bill Klingemann explains that while fundraising has changed over the years, it remains an annual Noon Lions effort to raise funds while bringing the community together.

“Well, of course it started many years ago and for many years we had a carnival downtown, but lately we’ve kind of scaled back a bit like we’ve had with everything and this year once again we have our spring kick off and it will be a pork steak dinner drive which will be available from 5-7 next thursday and if you haven’t had those pork steaks that “they prepared, you just didn’t live. That’s one thing I can tell you. Of course, this is our big fundraiser for our Lions Club here in town. The Seguin Noon Lions Club and this is what we have in place to fund our various charitable activities throughout the year,” Klingemann said.

Although the Lions are delighted to host the event, they warn that it will be a little different. Although it will still offer its popular pork steak dinner, Klingemann says it won’t feature the electronic bug races.

“I don’t know if the exterminators were just more active this year or I think maybe it has something to do with when we scheduled all these things there was a wobble in COVID and so on under our watch, we don’t want anyone to get sick, injured or ill. So we decided to postpone that for another year. But yeah, we’re going to miss that a lot,” Klingemann said.

However, winning prizes is still included in this year’s festivities. Lion Bill Ermel says people won’t want to miss their chance to win one of the many raffle prizes.

“This year, our first prize is a real first prize. It’s a catered dinner for 50 people by Next Door Catering, the king of pork steak. That’s at least $750 worth. Beyond that, we have a $750 VISA card and $300 VISA card, another $100 VISA card, $100 card for Granzin’s Meat Market. In all, we have 12 jackpots. We think it’s worth your money. We sell at 15 chances for $10 or $1 each,” Ermel said.

Lion Pat Sagebiel admits the pork steak dinner became the big draw of the event. He says meals don’t get any better than this.

“When people find out the caterer is Next Door Catering Troy Brown and Company, they say ‘okay, what time, how long and how much? And, the answer is the same price as last year, same menu, same caterer, same place. Our drive in went so well and Troy sets up early and we tell people between 5 and 7 but last year we were busy from 4:30. It was 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., preparing meals. They were all hot and ready to go and people who bought 22 plates last year bought another 22 this year no questions asked once they found out who it was and if it’s called King of the Pork Steaks, I willI approve of that,” Sagebiel said.

Raffle or meal tickets can be purchased in advance. Plate tickets are $12 presale or $15 at the door. Ticket locations include Dietz Flower Shop; Starcke furniture; Custom Travel from Ascot, Tri County Air and the Silver Center.

Charles P. Patton