No Disaster Too Big For Leos

When the most recent natural disaster forced many communities in KwaZulu-Natal to cry out for help, local Lions heard their desperate plea loud and clear.

According to Lions Club Wilro Park President Sandy van Heerden sent an appeal to all Lions Clubs in the area, who extended the appeal to friends, families and communities.

The response was truly overwhelming as donors helped with non-perishable food, water, blankets, clothes, baby baskets and toiletries. We were overwhelmed with the amount of merchandise that was dropped off at the Wilro Park Lions Club in such short notice. It just shows that kindness really matters,” she said.

She went on to say that the support from Lions and their communities, including Krugersdorp, Wilro Park, Helderkruin, Weltevreden Park, Clearwater, Northcliff and Lenasia, was amazing.

“We are all connected and it was so heartwarming to see how quickly our Lions sprang into action and responded to KZN’s call for emergency assistance,” Sandy said.

Donations are ready to be loaded. Photo submitted.

In addition to the truckload of supplies sent to struggling communities, local Lions clubs also made cash donations to clubs on the ground to help them with much-needed emergency aid.

We heard the stories of nurseries and schools that had been badly damaged or washed away. The children only had the clothes on their backs – their homes were gone with everything they owned,” she explained.

“Where there is a need, there are Lions, and all Lions have stepped up to shop, sort, wrap and label packages to meet those urgent needs. Soon the truck arrived and was filled top to bottom and on the way with valuable cargo. We wanted to make sure it reaches its destination as quickly as possible and now we’re already busy with our next load.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact District Chairman and President Sandy on 083 564 6388. No donation is too small and everything is greatly appreciated. Although they have a drop-off point at the Lions Club of Wilro Park Community Center, residents of other areas can contact Sandy to be put in touch with their nearest Lions Club.

“Lions Clubs International Foundation also immediately provided a US$10,000 emergency relief grant to the flood-affected area. Proud to be a Lion and proud of Lions and our communities for making a real difference. Together we serve! Sandy concluded.

Donations are ready to be loaded. Photo submitted.

Charles P. Patton