Mapleton Lions auction ends Friday

The Mapleton Lions Club’s annual spring auction will end at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 6. The Lions solicited items and services in March and April, which are now listed in an online auction catalog hosted by Matt Gregg Auctions.

The Mapleton Lions Club’s annual spring auction will end at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 6. The Lions solicited items and services in March and April, which are now listed in an online auction catalog hosted by Matt Gregg Auctions. Matt is an active member of the Mapleton Lions Club and is looking forward to this special fundraising event.

Items displayed include hot air balloon rides, a patio heater, umbrellas, grocery gift cards, oil changes, tools and more. There are nearly 200 items listed. To consult them, go to the following link:

One of the highlights of the Mapleton Daze Craft Fair was the appearance of the Easter Bunny. The children were able to meet the rabbit and the families were able to take pictures of the children with him.
(Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

There will be a preview of auction items from 4-6 p.m. on Thursday, May 5 at Mapleton Lions Hall. Purchased items can be picked up May 7 from 2 p.m.

This has always been the primary fundraising activity of the Mapleton Lions Club. Club chairman Richard Fowler would like to thank the many supporters who made cash donations to the club as part of the auction fundraiser.

Castle Hill Artist quilts poster

Dana Allison, Castle Hill Boston Cane holder and well-known quilting artist, closed her April art exhibition sponsored by the Aroostook agency on aging. Allison’s striking duvets hung in the hallways of the agency’s office cubicles.

Castle Hill quilt artist Dana Allison, left, exhibited several of her special quilts at the Aroostook agency on Maine Aging’s Près Isle office in April. She is accompanied by Joy Barresi Saucier, general manager of the agency.
(Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

A grand opening reception was held on April 1 with many friends and neighbors coming to view Allison’s quilts and talk with her about the art of quilting. Joy Barresi-Saucier, the agency’s general manager, greeted visitors and guided them through the displays.

The quilts on display held many special memories for Allison. Having learned to sew at a young age, she transitioned from mending socks to making quilts at the age of nine. She walked away from quilt making for several years, but then rekindled her interest during America’s Bicentennial. She estimated that she had made about 200 quilts of varying sizes and designs. Each quilt has a special meaning and design challenge ranging from idyllic forest scenes, geometric shapes or stories in themselves.

Allison wanted to let everyone know how much she appreciates visitors and their feedback regarding her work. Their recognition of the art work she loves was very meaningful to her.

The Mapleton Daze Spring Craft Fair was held on April 16 at Mapleton Elementary School, where crafters and vendors had more space to display and sell their wares and services. Customers have benefited from wider walkways as a result of the school move. (Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

Successful craft fair

The annual Mapleton Daze Committee Craft and Vendor Spring Sale was held on April 16 at Mapleton Elementary School. Lynnelle Foster, chair of the Mapleton Daze Committee, was pleased with the outcome. Over 30 artisans and vendors attended and were happy to have the large space to display their wares and products.

Shoppers at the craft fair poured in steadily throughout the morning and early afternoon. Everyone browsed the school filled with talented local people and bought gifts and other items. As a special attraction, the Easter Bunny appeared and was photographed with many young people. Each child spent time with Peter Cottontail and received a special treat from him.

One of the most popular vendors at the Mapleton Daze Craft Fair was Brant Hubbard with Bubs Gourmet Potato Chips, which continues the tradition of small-batch cooking perfected by Bub Nadeau. (Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

The Mapleton Daze Committee thanks everyone who came to the craft fair and helped raise funds for Mapleton Daze 2022 and its many free events and activities for kids and families.

Mapleton Daze 2022 will take place June 21-26. Events will include a fundraising dinner for the Haystack Historical Society on June 21, the Dialed Action Sports (FMX) Dirt Bike show, Games Night with Bingo and the Woodie Waddell Memorial Cribbage Tournament, Mapleton Lions Chicken BBQ and Star City Syndicate and fireworks shows.

Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or

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