Loddon Valley Lions Club donates items

The LODDON Valley Lions (LVLC) spent the money raised on various fundraising events including the fabulous Christmas Float.

Recently LVLC received requests via various referrals from social workers, Age Concern and Citizens Advice Basingstoke needing various items including gas cookers, washing machine, recliner, wheelchair, laptops and laptops. printers.

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Each request is assessed and visits are made to those in need by the club’s welfare chair, Shawn, before the items are delivered.

In addition to this, a garden was cleared for an elderly lady by a group of Lions and the rubbish was disposed of.

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They will be hosting a series of events throughout March, including an Easter raffle to be held at various locations in the area.

Planning is well advanced for the Tadley Treacle Fair, which will take place on Sunday 5th June.

For more information on all the events on offer, simply visit: lOddonValleylions.org.

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