Jets, Lions and Packers reportedly interested in Deebo Samuel

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It’s unclear if the 49ers will trade the receiver Deebo Samuel. It’s a bit clearer as to where it could be traded.

Multiple reports on Friday said the Jets, Packers and Lions have expressed interest in making the trade. Regardless of the source, the fact that the same trio of teams was leaked to ESPN and NFL Network strongly suggests that it is the same person spreading the information. Usually in such situations it comes from the agent. If it’s coming from the team, it suggests that the team is at least thinking about making the move.

It’s surprising the list isn’t longer, frankly. This is an All-Pro receiver, one of the best in the league. A dual threat weapon that can wreak havoc with the ball in his hands.

It’s hard to imagine the 49ers trading him to the Packers, for the same reason it was hard to imagine the Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the 49ers. Although they are not in the same division, they are rivals whose paths cross from time to time in the playoffs – including twice in the last three years.

The Lions make sense because Samuel’s mindset matches the attitude coach Dan Campbell is trying to create in the locker room. If Samuel voluntarily chose Detroit (even without no-trade clauses, the players seem to have more power than ever in this regard), it would be a huge blow for the Lions.

The Jets continue to make the most sense, given multiple connections to the San Francisco coaching staff and the fact that the Jets were willing to trade for Tyreek Hill. They need guns for the quarterback Zach Wilson. Samuel would go a long way towards filling that need.

Other teams could make the trip. Certain teams (such as the Patriots) may be involved with the express understanding that their name is not mentioned as being involved.

Again, the 49ers should want to keep any potential trades a secret until the first-round pick they would get in 2022 is ready to be made. This eliminates any chance of being passed over for the guy they want, once other teams see the 49ers occupying a given spot on the draft board.

We will know more in five days, when the draft begins. It’s entirely possible we’ll officially find out about a Samuel trade when the commissioner walks up to the podium, gets booed, and then announces the 49ers are now on the clock.

Charles P. Patton