Get ready to chase the Cadillac Lions Club medallion again | News

This year’s medallion will be printed with the faces of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. Every weekday from July 1 to July 7, a location hint will be provided live via 107.9 CDY.

CADILLAC – It’s almost detective time like Scooby and the gang to find the hidden Cadillac Lions Club medallion.

During the week of July 1-7, Cadillac Lions Club Medallion Hunt Sponsors will release one clue per day at CDY 107.9 to bring community members closer to the hidden medallion. Although hard to find, hunters will know they’ve stumbled across the specially designed Lions medallion because it’s been printed with an image of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.

Clues will get easier throughout the week, and if attendees missed it live, they can head to local Michigan Coffee Co., G and D Party Store, Bob Evans and Clue stopping locations. Primos BBQ to read the index of the day which is displayed inside.

Using the given clues, hunters will be guided to a location within Cadillac city limits, and if they are the first to claim the medallion, they will be the winners of a $300 cash prize courtesy of Emmi’s Closet (formerly known as Your Sister’s Closet).

Cadillac Lions Club president Timothy Anderson said his team of medallion hunters put a lot of effort and research into choosing their location and writing clues. In years past, they’ve gone to the historical society to find inspiration for a memorable hideout around town.

Successfully following clues often requires people to know the area well.

“Two years ago he was hidden in a pear right next to the football stadium, and there were a lot of clues leading to his whereabouts,” Anderson said. “You have to know the area, know some of Cadillac’s history, to know where it is.”

Medallion hunting is an opportunity to make money, but it also gives people the opportunity to get out and spend time walking around where they call home.

Due to its outdoor location, Anderson said they were able to carry the hunt through the COVID-19 pandemic, which now puts them in their fourth straight year.

“You don’t get involved in the crowd, you can leave to go home,” he said. “You could go out with your wife and children. There was really no chance of running into a lot of people doing this.

Last year the club had around 374 players, and Anderson said he hopes for even more this year.

Previously attendees would register on Facebook to let the club know they would be playing, but now they will need to get a virtual ticket with Eventbrite. That way, Anderson said, they’ll have a much better idea of ​​exactly how many people were looking for the medallion.

To sponsor the Medallion Hunt and educational opportunities for area students, local businesses can donate to a series of $1,000 Lions Club Scholarships for the Wexford Missaukee ISD Career Tech Center. A new $500 tier was added this year, and Anderson said several groups have already donated.

“We would love to welcome more direct scholarship sponsors, more $500 level. We could use a few more sponsors for the clue stopping places, which are the ones that read the clues on the radio,” he said. “We have people who contact us every year to be part of it. We just hope it keeps growing, and maybe one day we’ll be 30.

More information about this year’s Cadillac Lions Club medallion hunt, where to get a ticket and where to donate can be found on their event. The Facebook page.

Charles P. Patton