Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood talks hard knocks, uniforms and more

Ford Field: There are some adjustments to Ford Field with concession options and the team store that are in the works, although Wood said more information will come later.

Wood was asked about Ford Field’s shelf life. He said they plan to be at the current location with the current stadium for the foreseeable future, but admitted updates may need to be assessed in the future. One thing he mentioned was possibly removing some seating to add different viewing options, including potentially creating some party zones.

Rule changes: Wood said the team was interested in hearing from the competition committee on Tuesday morning about proposed changes to the overtime rules. Wood joked that they have a head coach who likes to go in pairs, so maybe this proposal gets some extra support from them.

International Series: The NFL added another international market this year with the NFL now playing games in Germany. Wood said early on that Germany was proving to be a hot market. He said 400,000 people are currently on a waiting list for tickets to the first game there this season. He believes the growth the league has seen in the London market can be replicated in Germany.

Wood expects the Lions to play internationally either as a road game next year or one of their additional home games in 2024.

Charles P. Patton