Carlow Nationalist — Lions Club hosts refugees for book sale

Ukrainian refugees recently arrived in Carlow visiting the Lions Club book sale on Tullow StreetCarlow Lions Club President John Carley with Annette Fox and Dylan Thomas of the Carlow County Development Partnership

By Suzanne Pender

The CARLOW Lions Club opened the doors to its second-hand bookstore on Tullow Street last Friday to welcome newly arrived refugees from Ukraine who now live in the city.

Working in partnership with Carlow County Development Partnership, the purpose of the visit was to provide a warm welcome, while encouraging the group to choose books that would interest them.

The children’s section was particularly interesting and the selected books will serve as the basis for future English lessons for students and their parents. The group, who have only recently arrived in Carlow, are continuing their familiarization training with Ireland and Carlow.

“The Carlow Lions were delighted to welcome the evacuees and be associated with the project,” said Lions Club President John Carley. “The books will serve as a valuable learning resource for the group. We wish them good luck in their future endeavours,” he added.

The Lions Club book sale continues for the next few weeks and all funds raised will be spent on local charities.

Charles P. Patton