Cannes Lions 2022 Grand Prize for Cinema Professions: Penny The Wish

why he won

Film Craft Lions judging chair Patrick Milling-Smith, co-founder of production company Smuggler, noted that the judging panel saw a few big contenders, but “The Wish” eventually rose to the top. “In the wrong hands it would have been too sentimental and very easy to deal with,” he said. But “every aspect of the shoot was so well observed. There was such a detail, it grabbed you and took you on an emotional journey. I challenge anyone not to be moved by this work.

Other suitors

Milling-Smith said there were two other Golden Lion winners for the top prize: Burberry’s ‘Open Spaces’, a dance-like fantasy film depicting a group of masked friends in the brand’s clothes hovering in the skies, as well as UK broadcaster Channel 4. “Super.Human,” the Paralympic promotion that highlighted both the strength and fallibility of Paralympians on their journey to sporting greatness. Penny’s announcement, however, beat them “by a hair’s breadth”, he said. “It was the most surprising, there was less spectacle. It slipped on you, and it had to be perfect not to be sweet.

Looking forward

Milling-Smith added that the category is an opportunity to reward work that feels “universal and timeless”. Excellence in craftsmanship is what helps bring ideas to this level. “As a producer, I like it because the media landscape is so cluttered with disposable labor. The great craft gives him the best chance to stand out in a very crowded landscape.

Charles P. Patton