Cannes: Adidas, Vice and a non-existent newspaper win the Lions, plus Dentsu’s big reorganization

The Croisette is heating up

From the start, the CEO of an agency described Cannes this year as “suitably soft”, our notes from Brian Bonilla. Part of that could be related to the fact that Lions entries are down. “While the awards are back in full,” reports Ad Age’s Alexandra Jardine, “the overall numbers still represent a drop from the past two years. Awards submissions totaled 25,464, down from 29,074 in 2021. and 30,953 in 2019.” Entries, however, for some categories, including Creative Commerce Lions and Titanium Lions, have increased. Keep reading here for all the details.

That said, on Monday afternoon parts of Cannes were certainly heating up. Ad Age’s Parker Herren Describes Google Beach as “absolutely bump” with lines to enter the invitation-only sandstrip whenever it passes on the way to and from various events and meetings. (More on Google Beach later).

Diaz added that “the sweltering, humid 80+ degree heat in the Mediterranean sun…makes any extra clothing, including delegate name badges, look like a fur coat.”

Charles P. Patton